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Read our report on the actions taken by the UK government during the Coronavirus crisis.

On the 23rd of March the UK Government instituted extreme measures in the wake of Covid-19, including forced confinement of its more than 60 million citizens. Our report scrutinises the legality, morality and efficacy of these measures.

Highlighting the extent of research into covid (coronavirus / covid-19), especially the legal and historical research into the magna carta, bill of rights, declaration of right and other key documents contradicting the government response.

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Read our latest reports, including our research into the measures imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Focusing on the latest covid (coronavirus / covid-19) news, updates and new document releases.

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Highlighting the important of the magna carta and the supremacy and rule of law in the UK, over the crown, parliament, courts and judge. Protest and lawful rebllion is justified.

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Our organisation is dedicated to protecting civil liberties, holding government safely to account within the United Kingdom. Freedom breeds responsibility.

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‘Liberty means responsibility. That’s why most men dread it’

– Brigham Young