Our Mission

Freedom and responsibility is an independent civil liberties research group, dedicated to upholding the crucial values of choice and accountability, within the UK. Our organisation was formed on the 25th of March 2020, in response to the extreme actions of the UK Government during the coronavirus crisis. Our ranks include campaign, journalistic, legal and medical expertise, with contributions from other individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

Our first report is available to download in full, including ‘Hope Beyond The Present’, our recommendations for proportionate and proven responses to disease. Sections of the report are also available to download, alongside other supplementary information.

Given the glut in scrutiny during the current crisis, our organisation plans to continue well into the future, with a future project into rights of access to medicines and practitioners, analysing UK medical decision-making, on the horizon. We seek to grow our team, with a practical focus on proven ability and depth of knowledge.

Lead Researchers

Our lead researchers collectively plan and author all of our reports, working hand in hand with contributors.

Omar Alexander
William J. Coleshill

Public Contributors

Our contributors, both public and private, provide a vital service, supplementing our research.

Margaret Ager
Marc Beaton
Margarita Martel

Freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin.

– William J. Coleshill, Researcher